4 Sep

Talking Good Nomination Form

**Note** As of 2/11/2013, it is no longer a requirement that Talking GOOD nominees work in the nonprofit sector (although that is of course fine). Read THIS blog post for information about the change.

Please use the below fields to nominate someone who you would like to see showcased on Talking GOOD. We promise to review all nominations in a timely manner and to respond as soon as possible. Our decision to feature someone will be based on a variety of factors … some tangible others less so.

The tangibles:

  1. Clearly explain how this individual is championing a cause. This would be by giving of his/her time, talent, resources or a combination of the three.
  2. Please explain, if only anecdotally, how this person’s efforts are making an impact.

The intangible factors that will influence our decision are as follows:

  • How much adversity has the person overcome to do what they’re doing? (see THIS post).
  • Is there something unique about the person that makes their story even more compelling? (see THIS post).
  • Is there something about the person and their story that makes featuring them timely? (see THIS post)


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