26 Jul

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Sarah Gardner

A recent article in Forbes says that innovation is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. It sounds cliché, but it stands to reason. I wonder: Does [...]   Read More »


Ever had an “a-ha” moment? They seem to spontaneously arise out of nothingness. A fleeting image or a random thought ignites a chain reaction as [...]   Read More »

Rich at TechBreakfast

Last month, I presented the brand new Talking GOOD platform at a TechBreakfast in Baltimore, MD. With me was my friend Hunter Barrington, principal of [...]   Read More »


Welcome to the web site and blog of Communicate Good, LLC, the consultancy that I launched in June of 2011. If you are unfamiliar with [...]   Read More »

Sunday Series Intro

I’ve been in PR for a long time. I’ve watched as too many practitioners, businesses and organizations, screamed “look at me; look at us; look how great we are.” While at times it is appropriate to self-promote (ahem … this post), I firmly believe that the most enduring, engaging, successful, and genuine, PR campaigns are built upon recognizing others. It’s what I’ve dedicated myself to professionally and through my philanthropy.   Read More »


This is a re-post from Armchair Advocates (where social media meets social good). I highly recommend checking out this list and following some — or all — of the people on it. —————————- Each year, Armchair Advocates compiles a list of top Tweeters in social good, cause marketing, corporate responsibility and nonprofit technology.  We have enjoyed following and learning from these tech-savvy influencers throughout the year.  This is not an   Read More »


Have you tuned in to the growing controversy around Facebook’s new venture www.Internet.org? It’s being billed as a global effort to bring the Internet to everyone? Many people are concerned that what is being presented as a charitable endeavor is really just a front for growing FB’s market in developing nations. Others have pointed to Google’s Loon Project as a more altruistic manifestation of the same goal — Internet for   Read More »

Our Approach (In 90 Seconds)


About Rich Polt

polt041 Rich Polt, principal of Communicate Good, LLC, is an accomplished marketing specialist, a seasoned business manager, and a practitioner of values-based public relations. As a consultant to nonprofits, foundations, and for-profit social enterprises, he helps clients build and implement successful PR programs, hinged on clear messaging and solid strategy. Rich believes that communications should be used as a force for good – inspiring audiences, advancing causes, and driving organizational performance.Read More »


Talking GOOD featured at TechBreakfast

Last month, I presented the brand new Talking GOOD platform at a TechBreakfast in Baltimore, MD. With me was my friend Hunter Barrington, principal of FTW Development, the firm that developed the new site. Seven minutes is not much of a window to present, and I’m certain that I spent   Read More »


Okay, the title of this post might be a tad of an overstatement, but not by much. Two weeks ago, I said goodbye to my former Director of Talking GOOD, Miriam ElKorchi. A senior at Goucher College in Towson, MD, Miriam worked with me for her entire senior year,   Read More »

Meet the Intern!

Since the beginning of the school year (back in September ’12), Miriam ElKorchi, a senior Communications & Media Studies major (and an Art minor) at Goucher College, has been interning for me. Her title: Director of Talking GOOD. She sources many of our Talking GOOD interviewees, makes initial contact   Read More »