Meet the Intern!

Miriam ElKorchi_Slider

Since the beginning of the school year (back in September '12), Miriam ElKorchi, a senior Communications & Media Studies major (and an Art minor) at Goucher College, has been interning for me. Her title: Director of Talking GOOD. She sources many of our Talking GOOD interviewees, makes initial contact with them, collects their information, and maintains the overall flow of the weekly series. In short, Miriam deserves much of the credit for the year one success of the program. I didn't want to lose Miriam this semester, but she wasn't about to recommit without some hardcore negotiating (watch out future employers!!). The upshot is that Miriam will be writing some of the Talking GOOD spots this coming term, and her name will appear in the byline. I'm excited for her because she has truly earned this opportunity.

My one condition for authoring columns was that she had to first answer the questions herself. So, without further ado ... I'd like to introduce you to Miriam ElKorchi.

1. IN JUST ONE SENTENCE, WHAT IS YOUR PURPOSE IN LIFE? I’m not old enough to legally rent a car and you want to know my purpose in life!? Ooof… I’ll give it a shot. To be a loving friend and family member and forever be immersed in art and stories.

2. IF YOU COULD HAVE ONE WISH GRANTED THAT WAS TRULY POSSIBLE, WHAT WOULD IT BE? I would want to learn to instantaneously be able to speak Arabic fluently (okay, maybe this is not so possible). I have family in Morocco and having advanced intricate language skills would be great. I feel pretty bad that I can’t have meaningful conversations with my grandparents.


First, Joni Mitchell. Her music is beautiful and heartbreaking. Not to mention she had a goal and overcame ALL obstacles to achieve it. I would ask her about being a musical and cultural force in the 1960s. I bet she has a few crazy stories. (FYI there is a great book about Joni, Carly Simon, and Carole King called Girls like Us)

Second, Joan Gantz Cooney, the woman who oversaw the production and organization of Sesame Street (and who did the proposal for the whole dang show). I would ask her what it was like to be a driving female force in television and where she thinks the future of children’s television and children’s media is going.

4. WHAT WOULD THE TITLE OF YOUR BOOK BE? Can We Go Dancing Now? My favorite thing in the whole world is dancing. Even more than dessert. And I like dessert A LOT.

5. WHO WOULD PLAY YOU, IN A MOVIE ABOUT YOUR LIFE? Ginnifer Goodwin because she is pleasantly awkward and cute in her movies. There is a “slim” chance that I am not-so-pleasantly-awkward. I loved her in Mona Lisa Smile and He’s Just Not That Into You.

6. WHAT IS A BELIEF THAT IS CORE TO YOUR BEING? This one is also really tough. I come from a family with very strong women. My mom was one of seven children (4 girls, 3 boys) and both my mom and all my aunts were trained as engineers. I believe that women are just as capable as men, and I strive to be as intelligent and kick-ass as my mom.

7. IF YOU WEREN’T DOING THIS, WHAT WOULD YOU BE DOING? I suppose I’m about to find out pretty soon! In my dream world I would spend my days writing about art history and cartoons.

8. TELL US SOMETHING SURPRISING ABOUT YOURSELF. While studying abroad in New Zealand I spontaneously went bungy jumping here. I am not spontaneous, nor do I like extreme sports.

9. WHAT QUESTION DO YOU WISH I HAD ASKED, AND WHAT IS THE ANSWER? QUESTION: If you could go on an adventure, where would you go? ANSWER: I’ve been dying to go to Ireland. I just want to meander along some cobble stone streets, pass through moors, and see the Book of Kells. Fingers crossed that I can do a little adventuring this summer…