Whose deepest secrets do you want to know?

The Talking GOOD interview series has taken off quicker than I ever would have imagined! Am I surprised that nonprofit leaders are interested in free publicity? Not at all. But I am astounded by how profound and revealing the responses have been. Perhaps there is something cathartic about opening one's soul to the faceless masses? Whatever the reasons, it's a wonderful outcome and this community's gain. Today we posted our 25th interview, and the pipeline is quickly filling for the duration of 2012.

So now that we've found our stride, I'd like to know from you where we should take this feature in 2013? Specifically, I have two questions:

  1. Who would you like to see interviewed? (dream big!)
  2. What new questions would you like us to ask? (be it mundane or super-deep)

To manage the Talking GOOD work load, I've brought on a a senior Communications & Media Studies major from Goucher College, Miriam ElKorchi. She is a very welcome addition and has been such a help to me in preparing these weekly interviews.

Please weigh in on these questions either with a comment below, by sending an email to me at rich@communicategood.com, or by nominating someone with our online form.

Thank you, thank you!