Welcome to Communicate Good!


Welcome to the web site and blog of Communicate Good, LLC, the consultancy that I launched in June of 2011. If you are unfamiliar with Communicate Good, this post offers a quick overview and includes helpful links for navigating to the most important parts of the site. To avoid any ambiguity: Communicate Good is a one-man operation. When I talk about the services offered by Communicate Good, read this as, "Rich Polt offers these services."

What do you do?  People hire me to develop, advise on, and manage their communications/PR programs. Client engagements last anywhere from three months to a year, depending on the nature of the work and the goals of the organization/business.

Who are your clients?  Typically, I partner with nonprofits, philanthropic foundations, and for-profit social enterprises. Visit the CLIENTS page to see some of my clients past and present.

What services do you offer? No two engagements are ever the same, but in general my work falls into any combination of the following categories:

  • Developing communications strategies
  • Creating or revitalizing core messaging
  • Writing content (bylines, blogs, op-eds, short white papers, etc.)
  • Developing and leading media relations campaigns (both traditional and new media)
  • Advising on social media strategies

Why Communicate Good?  I have a great deal of experience working with organizations that do "good" in the world. I am also well-practiced at advancing programs with multiple stakeholders and tons of moving parts. From 2003-2010, I owned and operated the Boston-based boutique agency Louder Than Words. During that period, my team and I had a reputation for fully immersing ourselves in our work and establishing client partnerships that went beyond that of the typical agency. Not only do I enjoy this kind of high-touch consulting, I find that it's the only way to be truly successful in this line of businesses. As a result, I strive to work with only 2 or 3 clients at any given time. To learn more about Communicate Good and the kind of work I do, visit the ABOUT page or CONTACT me directly.

What is my blog about?  I blog about communications, doing good in the world, and the intersection of the two. In general, I like to explore the many ways that social benefit can be augmented, advanced, promoted, and inspired by employing smart, strategic communications. On occasion, I've been known to stray from my editorial directive, and have written about other issues that strike me as interesting or important (like my little rant in 2009 about Tiger Woods).

Be sure to see:

  • If you want a real quick overview of how I approach communications, check out this 90-second MOVIE.
  • If you want a more in-depth sense for how I approach communications, read my 2,000+ word treatise comparing 21st century public relations to being in high school.
  • If you want to connect with or follow me, you can find me on Twitter, Linked-In, and Facebook. You can also subscribe to this blog's RSS feed.

One additional note about this blog:  I originally created the “Communicate Good” blog in 2009 when I owned and operated the now defunct agency Louder Than Words. As a result, all blog posts prior to 11/1/10 (when I sold the agency) have been preserved in the interest of transparency and for the sake of posterity. Many of these older posts were authored by former agency team members, with whom I am no longer affiliated professionally. For more color on how I originally came up with the name "Communicate Good" back in 2009, visit the very first blog post on this site.

Thanks so much for stopping by my site.