Funders & Grantees: Owning the Message & Maximizing Impact


I am the featured guest-blogger this week on Tactical Philanthropy. My piece looks at the communications and messaging challenges that are sometimes the unfortunate byproduct of the grantor-grantee relationship. As I say in my post: It’s challenging for even the most focused, experienced and disciplined nonprofit (and for-profits for that matter) to develop a simple message and to deliver it to audiences in a compelling manner, again and again and again. Unfortunately, by the very nature of the grantor-grantee relationship, clear messaging in this sector often falls prey to the compromises and hoop-jumping that is required to secure funding. The net result is not just weaker messaging and marketing campaigns, but ultimately diminished philanthropic and societal impact.

I'm very excited to be featured on Tactical Philanthropy. Sean Stannard-Stockton has built a fantastic blog with an equally impressive community. I encourage anyone who is interested in doing philanthropy to take a look at the site.