Stories to Inspire

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I’ve long been interested by stories that inspire. Advancing these types of stories is a core part of my profession, and as I’ve written before, I think the world just needs more good news, plain and simple. That’s why my interest was piqued when I discovered that the Boston Globe now has an entire section of their website dedicated to promoting “Stories to Inspire.”  Readers are encouraged to share the stories, photos, and videos that inspire them, and learn what inspires others.  Globe editors also have the ability to post coverage directly from the newspaper’s web site (Shameless plug: One of my clients was recently featured. You can check the story out here). While the fact that a mainstream consumer news organization is making a concerted effort to promote inspirational stories is definitely unique, I find it even more interesting that this effort is being supported by Citizens Bank.  Citizens does support a number of positive community programs, but this one really stands out for me.  It’s far from your traditional community relations campaign, tapping into the powerful art of storytelling as a means of engaging their key constituencies.

I’m guessing this may actually be some sort of “advertorial” promotion with the Globe, but they are not using this as a means to share the Citizens Bank story. Rather, they are shining the spotlight on others, and making a very powerful statement about the importance of promoting positive stories, and positive community actions.

If you have a few moments this week (with the upcoming holiday weekend, I am guessing you might), I’d urge you to check out the site—and if so inspired, offer up some of you own suggestions for the people and stories that deserve to be recognized.