Jumo: The Next Big Thing?

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Last week, Chris Hughes, co-founder of Facebook and organizer of U.S. President Barack Obama’s social media election campaign announced the soft-launch of his latest project: Jumo, a new social network set to start in the fall that will help connect people to the issues and organizations that are likely to be of interest. Once launched, members will be able to find different ways — whether with giving time, money or advocacy — to take social action. People who visit the site now are asked a series of questions that gauge interests, likes and dislikes, and political beliefs. Questions range from “Which of these places would you most like to visit? Argentina, France, India, or Kenya?” to “On Sunday, are you most likely to be: at brunch, at church, at a museum, or watching the big game?”

The site will analyze how people who had similar answers respond to different causes and different giving and volunteering opportunities, and then use the information to determine what is most likely to appeal to a user.

I’ll be waiting with baited breath to check this out once it is up and running. For now, there are countless online venues to help people and causes connect—though they may require a bit more homework by users to determine which ones align best with personal interests and passions. Here are a few:

Volunteer Match: Helps people find volunteering opportunities with nonprofit organizations by location and interest area.

DonorEdge: Created by Guidestar, designed to encourage charitable giving within a community and improve the performance of nonprofits by helping them make a better case for community investment in their organization.

Facebook Causes: Helps raise money and awareness for nonprofits through the activity of millions of users. Any Facebook user with a little passion and initiative can create a cause, recruit their friends, keep everybody in the cause up-to-speed on issues and media related to the cause, and raise money for any U.S. registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit or Canadian registered charity.

Idealist: An interactive site where people and organizations can exchange resources and ideas, locate opportunities and supporters. You can easily identify and connect with people, organizations, groups, jobs, volunteer opportunities, and events.

I’m looking forward to learning how Jumo compares to these pre-existing efforts, and whether it will be more complementary or competitive. Either way, I’m hoping this increases the ability of do-gooders to get things done.