Do The Right Thing

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Almost every company these days touts responsibility. Social and environmental are the ones I hear of most often but responsibility in some form is almost the new trend in business today. And there is good reason why.  According to the Corporate Social Responsibility Perceptions Survey American consumers are willing to pay more for goods from socially responsible companies. 70% said they would pay more for a $100 product from responsible company and 75 % say it is important for companies in each of the 14 industries tested to be socially responsible. Throughout the past four years, responsibility has been an ongoing priority for Liberty Mutual. The company’s Responsibility Project, started somewhat serendipitously in 2006 with  a commercial focused around doing the right thing – one of the company’s core values. Immediately after the commercial hit the airwaves,  Liberty Mutual was overwhelmed by the positive response the topic elicited.  It was clear the ad laid the foundation for a national conversation, one the company could lead. This was a one of a kind opportunity and one they immediately seized.

Since 2006 the Responsibility Project has grown exponentially and now spans a number of platforms including TV commercials, short films, social media and social networks. The campaign touches nearly every aspect of responsibility—doing the right thing after hit and run accidents to cheating to behavior in the social media world to responsibility for the obesity epidemic in children. NBC recently partnered with the Project and five prime time actors  created their own 60 second films that illustrate what responsibility means to them.

If you aren’t familiar with the campaign, I encourage you to visit the Project's website. Consider what responsibility means to you. What impact you could have on others by doing good deeds and how you can influence those around you with simple actions in your everyday life.  Image how could our entire society could benefit if we all took a little extra time to consider our responsibility and do the right thing.