6 Oct


In the wake of my post last week about Idealist.org, I was invited to contribute an opinion piece to Tactical Philanthropy about the similarities (and differences) between Idealist and another organization that recently made a plea for funding. I’m copying the piece I wrote below. It examines what I’ve dubbed the “Nonprofit S.O.S.” through a communications lens. Enjoy! —- 47 seconds ago (as of this writing), Idealist.org received a $35   Read More »

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In December, Louder Than Words’ Tricia McKenna wrote about a number of new campaigns using social media to inspire action and communicate good. Earlier this week, two of the nation’s biggest brands jumped into the mix, launching some seriously ambitious campaigns: Pepsi kicked off the Pepsi Refresh Project, a new “social investment” project, through which the brand is dedicating at least $20 million in 2010 for donations to local organizations   Read More »

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Social media has forever changed the various ways people communicate and collaborate. With a percentage of adopters dedicating their tweets and blogs to announcing the minutia of their day, many have wrestled with the value of social media. For many, this skepticism has changed over the past few weeks. A December article in the Chronicle of Philanthropy by Caroline Preston titled “Charities Look for Ways to Unlock the Benefits of   Read More »


I found out today on Twitter that Idealist.org has been experiencing a monthly shortfall of $100,000 for the last 15 months and that they need an immediate infusion of funding to, in their founder’s words, “maintain all our services.” Now an organization’s leader does not make this kind of public plea unless their back is against a wall. (Read the complete appeal from Executive Director Ami Dar, here.) It takes   Read More »

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So, Massachusetts has a new Senator. As Scott Brown packs his truck for Washington, many residents are still suffering whiplash from a campaign that seemed to come out of nowhere and quickly grew into a national event. Politics aside, there are a few communications lessons from Martha Coakley’s epic defeat for anyone trying to use media to advance their organizational agenda: -Don’t go quiet.  In the race for the Senate   Read More »

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I’m not a fan of the monthly “newsletter.” In general, I toss them upon arrival, and I typically advise clients against using them. There is, however, one monthly newsletter that I read religiously. It’s called Free Range Thinking, and not coincidentally, it deals with effective communications practices. Free Range Thinking is put out by a communications expert named Andy Goodman who has achieved guru-like status in the nonprofit and philanthropy   Read More »

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Companies are always searching for ways to make a positive social impact in their community. For some, it’s a no-brainer. Restaurants with extra food often donate leftovers to a local shelter or food bank. Many businesses allow employees paid time out of the office to work with a favorite charity or non profit organization. The following is an example of two stores seemingly doing the exact opposite. With a growing   Read More »

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Ordinary people do good, even remarkable things each and every day. The majority never receive any recognition or attention for their work. This past weekend, I caught an inspirational segment on CBS Sunday Morning that focuses on people who silently do meaningful work for others. The piece is about eight minutes long and well worth it. Enjoy http://bit.ly/7kbzcJ. Share this post ... Tweet   Read More »