Reporting for Duty, Here at Home

The Big 3
TG with TMC

For Veterans Day 2014, Talking GOOD is partnering with one of the Nation's most well-know service organizations, The Mission Continues, to recognize veterans who are making a difference here at home. Drawing from The Mission Continues’ community of more than 3,000 veterans, I am profiling three individuals who continue to give back, even as they endeavor to find their own paths. Each story is intensely personal, but collectively they convey themes that describe a generation of veterans. If you are moved by their stories, we invite you to share them with your own communities via social media. Thank you!

Here are the profiles:


Tina Thomas, age 34, Washington, DC: Veteran Tina Thomas draws from her dark experiences in the foster care system, to make it today as a professional and a mother, while inspiring others to rise above emotional, physical, and sexual abuse. (Read more)

Jeffrey Courter, age 56, Chicago, IL: By the time 49-year-old Jeffrey Courter left for Afghanistan, the husband and father of three had served his country as a Marine, a Navy Reservist, and an Army National Guardsman. Today, this accomplished author, public speaker, and seminarian is a serial volunteer, even as he seeks full-time employment. (Read more)


Nick Ellis, age 30, Palm Beach, FL: Veteran Nick Ellis had already overcome a traumatic brain injury by the time he re-entered college after Iraq. But something was still missing. Today he is a voice of inspiration, serving at risk youth in his community as he builds his own future as a professional, a husband, and a father.(Read more)