A new kind of P.R.

I recently wrote an article for Smart CEO in which I distilled my entire 20-year public relations and communications career into a single piece of advice. Here’s what I said:

Recognize the people that make a difference to you. These words could change your entire approach to marketing. A brief excerpt from the article:

A friend recently told me there are two kinds of people: the ones who walk into a social situation and boldly declare, “Here I am!” and the ones who declare, “There you are!” Both attendees draw the attention of the crowd, but for very different reasons. Whether you’re an individual at a party or a business fighting for customers in a crowded marketplace, recognizing other people communicates partnership, trust and gratitude. Self-interest is no longer the obvious driver, so your audience perceives it as more genuine. In this era of corporate citizenship and social interaction, allocating marketing resources to recognize others says more about the kind of business you are than any self-promoting campaign ever could.

This is what sets Communicate GOOD apart from other P.R. agencies. In fact, we no longer refer to ourselves as a “public relations” agency. We practice Public Recognition. It’s the same end game as old school P.R. (credibility and positive recognition for our clients), but with new rules of engagement for a social world. From our recent work with Foundation Source, to the Mission Continues, to Givecorps, we always begin by asking the questions: “Who do we champion," "Who do we exist for," "Who should we be recognizing?”

This isn’t just business advice; this is life advice. It’s the guiding principle that inspires my professional and extracurricular activities. It’s the reason I practice communications, and the impetus for launching Talking GOOD, a platform dedicated to recognizing people who are making a difference.

Whether you’re thinking about your 2015 marketing goals, looking to be more successful in social media, or wanting to honor someone important to you, start with a Public Recognition plan. If you like the concept, but don't really know where to begin, give me a call and I'd be happy to chat about it with you.

To read the entire Smart CEO piece, visit this link: http://www.smartceo.com/polt-golden-rule-marketing-recognize-unto-others/