My thoughts on Facebook's "Charitable" endeavor,


Have you tuned in to the growing controversy around Facebook's new venture It's being billed as a global effort to bring the Internet to everyone? Many people are concerned that what is being presented as a charitable endeavor is really just a front for growing FB's market in developing nations. Others have pointed to Google's Loon Project as a more altruistic manifestation of the same goal -- Internet for all. A key difference between the two projects, articulated by a commenter on an article from The Verge says: "Facebook is offering Facebook to the third world, Google is offering The Internet (including, even, Facebook)."

I, for one, am not opposed to businesses that pursue noble objectives even if they do benefit said company. I just think they need to be transparent about that fact. Facebook is definitely positioning as charitable in nature (they even took a dot ORG web address). This combined with their track record for seeking "world domination," is why they're now facing this backlash.

In my humble opinion.