Connecting with a Hero

Every week, one of my standard Talking GOOD questions has been: “WHO IS YOUR HERO AND WHAT WOULD YOU ASK THEM IF GIVEN THE CHANCE?”

Almost every week, whenever it’s been possible, I’ve privately reached out to the interviewee’s “hero,” to see if they would respond to the person’s question on our blog (or by email). Well … after 45 weeks of trying, I am so unbelievably excited to share that philanthropist, Dr. David Suzuki, co-founder and former board member head of Canada’s David Suzuki Foundation has answered my request. Last Friday, his communications rep emailed me Dr. Suzuki’s response to featured do-gooder, Diane Moran.

Here was what Diane originally asked: “My male hero is David Suzuki. He has been a driving force in our society as a planet protector and champion of change. My question to him: Do you ever get discouraged with the many environmental issues like global warming and other obstacles that are among us today and how do you deal with that?

And Dr. Suzuki’s response: “I am honoured to be named as her male hero, but I'm just one of thousands of people working in our various ways to make Canada a better place. It has been very, very discouraging to watch Canada's rapid international decline from a country that talked about the value of wilderness and protecting the environment to one that is mocked at global conferences as a disruption in climate and biodiversity negotiations. What keeps me going is the grassroots activity and the widespread public support for environmental groups as a direct result of the government's attacks on them. -David Suzuki

I am so proud that Talking GOOD can serve as a platform to not only showcase someone’s inspirational story of giving back, but that it could serve as a direct conduit to that person’s hero. AMAZING! Please share this post, if this story moves you to. Thanks!!!