Baltimore Business Journal's "Crash Course in Social Media"

Okay, I'm a few months late here. This would be an example of poorly timed marketing if my goal had been to drive attendance to the event. Luckily, the Baltimore Business Journal's first ever Crash Course in Social Media at Maryland Public Television last December was standing room only. It would seem that there are still a lot of people who are trying to figure out this social media thing! The entire 2+ hour event can be viewed here.

The topic of my presentation was "How to move people with your social media content." As the ad read: "Even the best social media strategy will fall flat if your content lacks punch, is off message, or doesn’t engage the audience. During this session we’ll discuss strategies for breathing life into your social media content and look at examples of folks doing it well. My co-presenters were Ryan Goff, VP Social Media Director, MGH, Colleen McKenna, Principal, Intero Advisory, and Deborah Gallant, Founder of Bold Business Works.

Overall, it was an engaging and enjoyable morning. The high point (or low point, depending how you look at it), was when my 30-minute presentation was momentarily derailed by my laptop shutting down to conduct "automatic updates." As someone who has spent years working to overcome a fear of public speaking, it was one of those wonderful gut check moments. Actually, I have video footage of the moment ... but I'll wait and make that the focus of an upcoming blog post.

Thanks to everyone involved for putting together a great event.