A Big Welcome to Foundation Source!

As you may know, I disdain press release quotes that begin with the phrase 'we are thrilled.' Still, every rule has it's exception and today I will break my own rule. I am genuinely thrilled to announce that Fairfield, CT-based FOUNDATION SOURCE has selected Communicate Good as it's "PR consultant of record." If you're not familiar with Foundation Source, well ... it's my job to help change that! Foundation Source is empowering a new generation of private philanthropists with administration, compliance, and impact advisory services. Today, they are the largest provider of philanthropy support services in the nation, with a client base of 1,000 small to mid-size private foundations.

In 2012, I will work very closely with Foundation Source and its new CEO, King McGlaughon, to boost visibility for the company and to communicate how people can experience greater control, reward, and impact in their personal philanthropy.

This is a great fit for Communicate Good given my background and past client experiences. Foundation Source is a for-profit social enterprise, bringing together elements from the worlds of philanthropy, finance, and technology. More importantly, Foundation Source does solid work and has the results to show for it. I named my former agency Louder Than Words, because I believe that the actions of a company go much further on the PR front, than the words on a press release. This is a company that has built itself from the ground-up through strength of action.

In the coming year we will unveil a number of exciting initiatives that will shine the spotlight on the new generation of private philanthropy. We're just getting started, but already we see the wonderful potential in 2012. Onward!