The Holy Trinity of Social Media


This morning, I co-presented at a "Crash Course in Social Media," sponsored by the Baltimore Business Journal. During my presentation, I was making the point that it's okay to have mixed feelings about social media. On one hand, we can be excited and optimistic about the unlimited promise that this new frontier presents. But on the other hand, it's completely appropriate to feel overwhelmed by the fire hose of content that is being shot at us every second of every day. To illustrate my point I created the above visual based on the logos of the "Holy Trinity" of social media sites: LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. I thought it was pretty cool, so I wanted to share it with you.

LIFT is the acronym that you get from LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. That was a no-brainer and took just a few seconds to figure out. I wouldn't be surprised if others have already created that exact same logo/acronym mash-up. However, the anagram of LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter took me a number of hours. In fact, in order to make it work, I had to add a single letter "N" to the mix. You can see, by looking at the middle set of logos, how I got away with the extra N. Cheap -- I know. But I still think the final anagram is pretty darn compelling!

If anyone else has seen sites with this kind of stuff , I'd love to see them.