Clicks for Cookies: SUCCESS!

I awoke this morning to about 6 inches of fresh snow (still coming down hard), and the very exciting realization that we met our goal of 1,000 cookies in just over 3 days! Read this post here to learn more about the Clicks for Cookies campaign. Thanks to you, the many generous folks who decided to click through to our new blog, we are able to supply the nonprofit Birthday Wishes with enough cookies to stock every Massachusetts-based birthday party in the month of January (one cookie per child in attendance). I was told by Lisa Vasiloff, founder of the organization, that these cookies will be placed in childrens' gift bags (along with other knick-knacks) to take after the party. If you're looking to do some volunteer work with a minimal time commitment... helping out at a Birthday Wishes party is an incredibly rewarding way to spend two hours. Check out their Web site to find an upcoming party in your area. A special thanks goes to Trish Karter, Scott Miller, and the rest of the folks over at Dancing Deer Baking Company for helping us make this happen by extending a healthy discount on product. I've known Trish for several years now, but we REALLY got to know each other this past April when Louder Than Words helped promote Trish's 1,500 mile bike ride to end homelessness. Trish averaged 100 miles per day, riding from Atlanta to Boston, staying at homeless shelters each night to help raise awareness for family homelessness. She is passionate for the cause, dedicated to her trade, and a powerful cyclist to boot.

We launched this blog in early November and, like most new blogs, have only enjoyed a small amount of readership. These things tend to grow organically over time. So it's worth checking the blog stats to see how this campaign so drastically skewed our numbers (for the better!) over the last few days. Click on the image of the graph to the right to see the numbers. We posted the blog at 2:30 pm on Thursday and then sent word out via email to our "friends of Louder Than Words" list. We also tweeted about the campaign and posted it to Facebook. Within minutes, unique hits to the post started to roll in and they didn't stop.

As a communications agency, we are no strangers to the power of social media and viral marketing. Nevertheless, we have never been on the receiving end of this kind of campaign. So you can imagine how exciting it was to see how many people had retweeted our message -- from far away as Quito, Ecuador. My wife, Jennifer, was particularly excited to see that the founder of had retweeted about clicks for cookies (she used their recipes quite often when our son was born). I, on the other hand, was much more excited about the fact that MISS UNIVERSE 2003 paid our campaign forward.

All of us at Louder Than Words had a great time putting this little campaign together. Seeing how strong the response was, I have a feeling it won't be another 12 months before we do something similar again. Happy holidays all!! Enjoy the snow.